How effective is OLD MUTUAL Integrated Marketing Communication



When I want to find out about a brand or a company , I Google it, to find out more about it , to get contact details and to experience it online so that I have an idea of its brand personality and to see if it is in line with what I am looking for.

Have you ever come across a company that does not have online footprints? I seriously don’t like it and I often feel that if a company does not exist online then it doesn’t exist or then there’s something wrong with it. What are you trying to hide? This is how I view the importance of having a social media or any kind of digital media presence.

In this blog post I will be discussing about Old Mutual digital and social media platforms and see how effective its integrated marketing communication is.

om_heritagevideo_thumbnail_Old mutual has been in the game since 1845, thanks to John Fairbairn who started it.

Old Mutual Heritage Video

It is great to note that  Old Mutual know what they are doing. They have experience of over 170 years in how to effectively run a business and hopefully continue running it and being visible in a world were there’s just so much offered.

Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium and most importantly delivering consistently on that identity. (Steve McKee)

Is there a presence of Old Mutual on the digital, social media platforms?

The answer is a strong yes! Old Mutual has really learned how to leverage both mediums of communication across all platforms.

You will find their presence on

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,Youtube, Instagram, websites: every country in which it operates has their own social media pages and digital platforms.

One distinctive, that you find between old mutual website and the social pages, is the type of content , the Facebook and Instagram pages has been catered for the brand to engage with the consumer socially, and it is not too corporate. What features on this pages is more of what Old Mutual does to engage with its consumers. This has really been done well as it still feels professional and links you back to the main websites.

Old Mutual marketing mix has been integrated well. By this it means that the message found on these different platforms are consistent, the same, accurate, and up to date.

A brand should aim to achieve one unified look or voice. This can be done by being strategic across, all elements of marketing, brand strategy and IMC strategy (University of Cape Town, Getsmarter: 2016)

Although this can be difficult and costly to send messages to stakeholder that are strategic and consistent, Old Mutual has somehow managed to do it.

For the IMC to be effective , communication need to link or to direct the consumer to the focal point. To cause a reaction from the consumer. Old mutual Namibia has done this during the Tourism Expo in Windhoek, were you take a photo at their stand and inform you to go find your picture on their Facebook page , like it and stand a chance to win something. This creates engagement with the consumer.

Functionality is an important element of Integrated Marketing Communication. A functionality of a brand need to be transcended beyond the product to the brand itself (University of Cape Town, Getsmarter: 2016)

I believe old mutual brand functionality has done that.





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