Wow, this is overwhelming!

Wow this is overwhelming!

First blog post

My name is Rautia and I am a woman living in Namibia. I believe in Jesus and have made a decision in April 2013 to follow Him and that He is Lord and Saviour of my life.

I am on a journey every day to be obedient to his every word that he says in the bible.

Personal branding is really important, and we should all evaluate who we are. What we stand for, how we want to be perceived by the world and how the world is actually looking at as based on what we give of ourselves.

In a world that is on a race, it can all get too much, it can get complicated! It can feel as if you are not given attention and then you try so hard, and this sends out a wrong message.

I am learning that with a clear vision, with focus, with a plan, with consistency, with knowing who you are and how you want to be looked at, with knowing who you want to communicate to, will lead you to manage your personal brand.

Knowing whom I stand for, whom I am representing on this earth,( do I represent Him well (JESUS)? Or am I lost in the crowd?)  I am on a mission to a great personal brand.

Well, it is time to refocus, rebrand and re-launch a new me.

Did I mention that I am engaged to a wonderful man (I call him My Person) and that I have a wonderful son (I call him Little Man), [nowidid]